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My passion is serving Veterans and fighting injustice.   I'm a Army veteran and civilian attorney and have no affiliation with the Armed Services, nor is my practice supported by the military.  


The Law Firm of Ryan Sweet, PLLC, provides aggressive, affordable, compassionate, and loyal representation.   Whether it's a criminal allegation, adverse administrative action, an appeal, or filing for VA benefits and compensation - I am experienced and can help you.   I am also experienced in other realms including employment law, where I fight against unlawful employer behavior.

If you are a Veteran, you and I have fought for America.  I've also fought for, helped, and defended Veterans like you.  I am very experienced at defending against the injustices of the military and UCMJ.  The harsh application of the UCMJ to crush Service Members is often unfair and violate your rights.  My Law Firm would be honored to have the opportunity to fight for you!  


When accused of a crime, it feels like your leadership has abandoned you.  Where is the loyalty toward you?  Worried?  Confused?  Overwhelmed?  For the inexperienced, laws are complicated and full of land mines.  Don't try to do this on your own, and don't skimp on your defense!  You can't talk your way out of this, and rookie mistakes can mean the difference between freedom and prison, or your career, your retirement, or being involuntarily separated.  For instance, one of the biggest mistakes is for someone to talk to the authorities (CID, Commanders, etc.) and give a confession before talking to a lawyer.  Do not give any statements until you talk to me first.

Perhaps you're being punished, face adverse action, or are being kicked out?  Or you want to upgrade your discharge?  Or you are navigating the VA to file for disability benefits?


You need my help.  Let me put my experience to work and fight for you!


My mission statement is aligned with the US Constitution, and of relevance to Criminal Defense, the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.  I have sworn to defend the US Constitution with my life when I entered the military, and I never relinquished that oath.  The 4th Amendment protects you from unreasonable searches and seizures.  The 5th Amendment guarantees your right to due process, not be a witness against yourself, and your right to not be tried repeatedly for the same offense(s).  The 6th Amendment guarantees your right to representation by a defense lawyer, right to know the allegations and witnesses against you, and a speedy public and fair trial.  The military also provides unique Article 31 Rights (similar to the protections of the 5th and 6th Amendments). Unfortunately, the military, states, and law enforcement authorities often violate your rights (illegal searches, ignoring your rights, abusive interrogations, and other unlawful actions).  I also advocate for those who have suffered intentional or negligent wrongdoing at the hands of authority.  I use my experience, skills, and vigilance to fight for you at every turn.


FREE Consultation on VA Disability claims and appeals, UCMJ, Courts Martial, Article 15, Separations, Military Law Criminal Law, Civil Law, Contracts, and Employment Law
Areas of Legal Practice
Military Criminal Defense
  • Court Martial

  • Non Judicial Punishment (NJP) - Article 15

  • Post Trial Appeals & Clemency


Military Involuntary Separations

  • Separation boards

  • Medical Retirement Issues

  • Wrongful termination

  • Appeals


Military Administrative Law

  • Reduction boards

  • Reprimand rebuttals (GOMOR)

  • Clearance loss

  • NCOER/OER Rebuttals

  • TAB revocations

  • Medical credentials lost

  • Appeals


Criminal Defense 

  • Felony and Misdemeanor

  • Self Defense law


Post-Military Career, Civilians

  • Appeals

  • Discharge upgrade

  • Correcting Military Records

  • Veterans Benefits

  • Employment Law/EEOC

  • Rights restoration


Civil Litigation 


2nd Amendment Legal Issues 


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