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Recommendations and Testimonials

*Disclaimer: Each case, fact pattern, result, and situation is unique.  No two cases are the same.  No promises or guaranteed results can ever be made.  Litigation often results in widely different outcomes depending on the facts, judge, jury/panel/board members, witnesses, and many intangibles, etc.  These represent the views of individuals, and not necessarily the military.


"Captain Sweet was born to be a defense counsel.  He is easily one of the top lawyers in my region, and more naturally suited as defense counsel than any Judge Advocate I've ever known.   Captain Sweet is a fantastic trial attorney and his tireless devotion to his duties is unparalleled in my experience in the Army.... during my time as the Regional Defense Counsel for Trial Defense Services Region West, I was always impressed with the level of skill and commitment Captain Sweet brought to every litigation challenge.  Ryan has the tenacity, moral courage, passion, and fortitude to fight for the underdog... Ryan maintains a very heavy caseload and regularly devotes nights and weekends to his clients with a work ethic most lawyers simply can't match. He consistently displayed courtroom acumen, research and writing skills, work ethic, judgment, and professional demeanor we need all our Judge Advocates to have." 

-- Lieutenant Colonel K.S., Trial Defense Regional Defense Attorney, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2013)



"Outstanding performance from an aggressive advocate!  He fought for every inch....Ryan is an outstanding defense attorney! No one is more fully committed to their clients than Ryan. I supervised him for 18 months and in that time he tried among the heaviest work loads in all of the US Army Trial Defense Service. His unrelenting persistence resulted in several cases being dismissed prior to trial. In spite of a crushing work load, Ryan took the time to care for Soldiers. Not only did Ryan advise hundreds of clients facing administrative or criminal action, he successfully lobbied to have an improperly discharged Soldier brought back on to active duty so that he could be medically separated with full benefits. Ryan is the ultimate zealous advocate and has my highest recommendation."

-- Major K.P., Trial Defense Services Senior Defense Attorney, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2013)



"Ryan has my thanks and admiration today and I am extremely proud of him for saving a Soldier's life."  

-- Colonel M.C., Chief of Trial Defense, Judge Advocate, US Army (2013)



"Captain Sweet saved my 18 year career!  Words cannot describe what he has done for me!  He is a true professional and I cannot thank him enough!"   

-- US Army combat veteran (2012)



"I recently watched Attorney Sweet save the (20-year) military career (and multi-million dollar retirement) of a dear friend of mine (a Lieutenant Colonel), and I highly recommend his expertise, diligence, sound judgement, and powerful work ethic...  he applied the full weight of his past experience in the JAG Corps and understanding of military law....  Mr. Sweet serves his clients with premier wisdom, expert savvy, and an indomidable desire to represent his clients.  I can tell Mr. Sweet cares deeply about his clients and I have have seen him apply his knowledge and commanding prescence in the service of justice.  I recommend Mr. Sweet to anyone seeking a hard-working, experienced and dedicated attorney."   

-- US Army officer (2015)



"It was a privilege and honor to be represented by attorney Ryan Sweet.  His dedication to his client is superb.  His expertise and attention to details made a big impact on my case and I was very happy with the outcome.  I highly recommend the Law Firm of Ryan Sweet."   

-- US Army combat veteran (2016)



"I highly recommend Mr. Sweet as a Criminal Defense Attorney and seasoned litigator. I had the privilege of serving and staying in contact with Ryan over multiple duty assignments, both deployed (as a Special Forces Judge Advocate) and CONUS since 2006. He excelled in the most challenging Judge Advocate assignments. Ryan is competent, tenacious, and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.  He served honorably and left the service for all the right reasons, namely because he has a passion for Criminal Defense work and more importantly compassion for those whom he represents.  Ryan's prior service in the Judge Advocate General's Corps provides him with unique perspective, credibility, and superior knowledge of the Military Justice and Adverse Administrative processes. If you are looking for a hardworking, caring, accessible advocate, Ryan is it."

-- Captain M.B., Trial Defense Attorney, Former Special Forces Judge Advocate, Ranger, US Army combat veteran (2014)



"Ryan is a lawyer who is fearless in defending the rights of, and is an assertive and tireless advocate for, his clients.  The Trial Defense attorneys work under intense caseload, but Captain Sweet communicated continuously, sought my input, kept me informed, and was approachable, friendly, and had a way of putting me at ease.   It seemed as though Captain Sweet worked around the clock, raising my issue to the Pentagon.  In the end, the illegal personnel action against me was overturned due directly to Captain Sweet's efforts and I am in the Army today (and was able to get my Medical Retirement) as a direct result of his actions.  Through it all I witnessed a lawyer who is fearless in defending the right, who advocates for Soldiers, and who is assertive and tireless.  You cannot ask for a better advocate."

-- US Army combat veteran, Honorably Discharged and Medically Retired (2013)



"Ryan Sweet routinely distinguished himself as a defense attorney through his passionate commitment to his clients, thorough preparation, and good relationships with all parties in the court. His talent and efforts paid off, often generating excellent outcomes for clients facing long odds in a court-martial. I highly recommend him."

--  Lieutenant Colonel K.H., former US Army Military Law Judge, former Judge Advocate (retired) (2014)



"Ryan represented me during one of the most difficult and challenging times in my life and performed his job with poise, finesse and character that ultimately helped me survive that trying time. Ryan is one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys I have ever come across in over 19 years in the military.  Ryan has a deep passion for his profession and goes far beyond what is required of him to assist his clients and coworkers in providing the best legal and, when needed, personal insight possible. His dedication is contagious and inspires others around him to rise to greater heights.  I was always impressed with Ryan's abilities.  Ryan served as an example and helped inspire confidence and hope. Ryan is the type of person that is not afraid to get involved, pour his heart and soul into his clients and be the advocate and professional needed to help when an attorney is needed.  His hard work saved my career and my retirement (valued at approximately $2 million).  Thank you Captain Sweet!"  

-- Major K.B., US Army combat veteran, Honorably Discharged and Retired (2014)



"Stellar performance by this fit, talented, and operationally savvy Soldier-Lawyer.  Captain Sweet worked for me from July 2011 until July 2012.... and later served as an opposing counsel for my team of prosecutors from July 2012 through December 2013 where he always proved a worthy opponent for my counsel and continued to demonstrate professional zealousness on behalf of his clients.  While serving in the Trial Defense Service, Ryan became my region's model for zealous, committed advocacy to ensure his clients got the best possible results.... Ryan had more success at administrative boards than any defense counsel I rated... and he earned the strongest success record among the sixteen defense counsel I supervised.  Ryan has a tremendous ability to connect with his clients and is extraordinarily selfless.  Ryan routinely sacrificed his personal time to properly assist Soldiers - in one case talking to a Soldier until 0200 to literally get him off a suicidal ledge...  Ryan proved to be a flexible and adaptive attorney with a wonderful combination of passion, zealousness, and seasoning as a litigator.  Through dedication and hard work, he typically earned fantastic results for his clients facing the Army's criminal and adverse administrative processes.  I can assure you that few attorneys will bring the passion, dedication, and focus to their work that Ryan brings.  I fully expect him to continue to represent his clients with tireless and zealous advocacy and excel."  

-- Lieutenant Colonel M.D., Trial Defense Regional Defense Attorney and Staff Judge Advocate, US Army (2014)



"Ryan is one of the most passionate trial advocates I have served with and absolutely the most empathetic to his clients of the attorneys I supervised as the Senior Defense Counsel. His tireless preparation and zealous advocacy routinely earned his clients the best results possible. Ryan cared about his clients, taking a personal interest in them, not just their cases.  Ryan is the most zealous advocate of those I supervise.  He had the strongest record in the office at successfully keeping Soldiers retained at their Separation Boards.  Ryan is a seasoned litigator."

-- Major B.G., Trial Defense Senior Defense Attorney, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2012)



"I was charged for crimes I did not commit and faced decades in prison and a Dishonorable Discharge. Captain Sweet believed in my defense and got my 4 rape and sex assault charges dismissed before trial.  I was totally innocent and he proved it.  Now I can get on with my life and career!  Thank you Sir!"

-- US Army Soldier (2012)



"While deployed to combat operations in Iraq, Captain Ryan Sweet's exceptional and meritorious service, superb leadership, technical and tactical expertise and commitment to excellence contributed to the mission's overwhelming success.... He distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in the performance of his duties as the Brigade Operational Law Attorney, for 3rd BCT, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) while deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom....CPT Sweet’s efforts directly impacted the readiness and morale of the brigade, prevented violations of the UCMJ, and relieved commanders of hours of grappling with issues that detracted from accomplishment of the mission.  CPT Sweet displayed remarkable dedication to duty while supporting full spectrum operations in Southwest Baghdad.  His selfless service significantly contributed to the overwhelming success in building a free and democratic Iraq.  CPT Sweet’s selfless service and dedication are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect distinct credit upon him, 3rd Brigade Combat Team (Rakkasan), Multi-National Division-Center and the United States Army."

-- Bronze Star Medal, US Army (2008)



"Ryan is an outstanding individual. An exemplary trial defense lawyer, with an impressive background in the United States Army. Ryan is a man known for his capability and reliability. I have worked with Ryan personally through some of the toughest times the Army can throw at a person. These are the area's that Ryan really shined. The more pressure, the better he gets....  he maintains his calm and control, while delivering factual and devastating arguments to the opposition."

-- Honorably Discharged US Army combat veteran (2012)



"Captain Sweet is in the top 10% of highly experienced, combat proven staff officers in this Special Forces Battalion and one of the finest legal officers I've served with in 18 years of service.  His attention to detail, articulation, motivation, and legal acumen have been exemplary." 

-- Lieutenant Colonel D.B., Battalion Commander, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), US Army (2010)



"Ryan Sweet is by far the best attorney I worked with on my case.  I was bounced around to a few lawyers before I met him. I was wrongly accused of having drugs, but they weren't mine.  The Army wanted to kick me out.  Captain Sweet fought for me, stopped the process and saved my career!  He went above and beyond....  I was so happy to get the charges dismissed.  I couldn't ask for a better lawyer in this long and stressful process."

-- US Army Soldier (2013)



"Outstanding performance... Captain Sweet is one of the top captains in the Brigade."   

-- Lieutenant Colonel K.R., Brigade Executive Officer, 3BCT/101st Airborne Division, US Army combat veteran (2009)



"Ryan Sweet represented my family and me on numerous occasions and proved to me that he was the right attorney. Not only did he represent me with honor and integrity, but also my family, ensuring them that everything would work out and to have confidence in his ability to get the job done. It has been about a year and a half since I used his services and he continues to contact me to see how my family and I are doing. I would have been lost without him. Thank you Ryan for your outstanding knowledge of the law and your unwavering compassion for your clients and their families."

-- US Army combat veteran (2012)



"Exceptionally Meritorious Achievement in intervening in a Soldier's attempt to commit suicide.  Captain Sweet's initiative and selfless service helped prevent the loss of a Soldier." 

-- Army Commendation Medal, US Army (2013)



"Captain Sweet's dedication to his clients goes beyond 'passionate' into the realm of 'fanatical.'   He never quits."   

-- Captain J.W., Trial Defense Attorney, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2012)



"My unit wanted to take my rank, which I worked hard to earn, for personal reasons.  Against all odds, Captain Sweet fought for me and won my rank.  I was allowed to keep my rank and finish my enlistment and get my Honorable Discharge.  Thank you!"

-- Honorably Discharged US Army combat veteran (2012) 



"Captain Ryan Sweet has my highest recommendation... Should he provide you even half the dedication, innovation, and persistence he gave the US Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, I'd wager that before long you'll wonder how you ever got along without him... Ryan and I served together as Trial Defense Counsel at Fort Lewis, WA... Time after time, case after case, his performance was nothing short of amazing.  In general, among all of us Defense Counsel, he had the reputation of pulling jaw dropping results for his clients out of cases that simply should not have surrendered so much.  He was feared by his many opponents, admired and emulated by his peers, and most importantly respected by all... It was my honor and privilege to work and try cases alongside such a superbly dedicated and talented Soldier-lawyer.  With my utmost confidence and respect, I recommend Ryan Sweet."

-- Captain J.O., Trial Defense Services, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2012)



"As a Special Forces Captain, I was wrongly accused of crimes and the Army wanted to strip me of my professional medical license, my Special Forces Tab, and end my career.  Ryan worked extremely hard for me and through his diligence we won!  It was all thrown out.  I kept my license, my Tab, and my career!" 

-- Captain, Special Forces, US Army combat veteran (2011)



"Exceptionally meritorious service while assigned to the US Army Judge Advocate General's Corp.  Captain Sweet expertly provided advice to Commanders in garrison and multiple deployments on administrative and Military Justice legal issues.  He demonstrated extraordinary zeal and true dedication to his clients.... including successfully reversing a Soldier's wrongful discharge to bring him back onto active duty so he would get his Medical Discharge...."   

-- Meritorious Service Medal, US Army (2013)



"Ryan has great moral character and is an extremely competent attorney.  Ryan's resume speaks for itself... but it does not tell you the most important trait - zealous advocacy.  Ryan is one of the best attorneys in TDS worldwide.  He is a very experienced and aggressive attorney who handles high pressure situations with ease.  He was hand selected for different legal positions in his career for a reason:  he is not only one of the most zealous Judge Advocate General Officers in the entire JAG Corps, but he is also calm, cool, and collected.  Ryan is an attorney who will not back down from a challenge and is a take charge person and attorney.  Give him the football and he will take it all the way down the field to score a touchdown.  Ryan is also a compassionate person... seeing his clients as human beings that may have made mistakes.  Perhaps most important is that Ryan's character is of the highest level.  His loyalty, integrity, and selfless service are unparalleled.  He is an absolute team player."   

-- Quote from a Major (04), Trial Defense Services, Judge Advocate, made in 2013 to prospective employers



"Ryan is a straight forward, hardworking guy who possesses the integrity, judgment and work ethic to make a valuable addition to any team."

-- Mr. K.K., civilian attorney and former supervising attorney (2005)



"Ryan was a colleague of mine at Trial Defense Services, Joint Base Lewis McChord, for most of 2013.  He consistently demonstrated outstanding professionalism and character... He has gone above and beyond to mentor me and other new Judge Advocates in the office and provide us the benefit of his knowledge and experience, no matter how busy he may be.  His dedication is contagious and his skills as a trial attorney are an impressive sight to behold.  It has been a sincere pleasure to work with him and I recommend him."

-- Captain B.T., Trial Defense Services, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2013)



"I was getting an Article 15 and know that losing could be a step toward Involuntary Separation.  I hired Mr. Sweet to help me beat it.  His legal expertise and experience resulted in a win.  He helped me write a great statement and showed me the law and showed me where I was not in violation of the law, which I presented to my Commander.  He also made excellent legal arguments and I completely won my Article 15.  He helped save me from punishment, loss of money, and most importantly prevented an Involuntary Separation action."

--Sergeant K.G., US Army combat veteran (2015)



"I met Ryan Sweet a couple years ago and during that time have found him to be an impassioned proponent of individual freedoms. He is not afraid to tackle tough cases head-on, and he has a lot of courtroom experience. Ryan has a great depth of understanding of military/admin law. I endorse this lawyer."

-- H.S., Criminal Defense Lawyer, Washington State (2014)



"Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community."

-- C.L., Pennsylvania Attorney (2014)



"Ryan represented me in the most difficult and challenging time in my life; Ryan performed his demanding task with great poise, finesse, and character that ultimately helped me survive this trying time.  Ryan is one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys I have ever come across in over 19 years in the military.  Ryan has a deep passion for his profession and goes far beyond what is required in providing the best legal and personal insight possible.  His dedication is contagious and inspires others around him." 

-- US Army Officer and combat veteran, Honorably Discharged and Retired (2013)



"Captain Sweet's performance as an officer and attorney has been excellent... he is an extraordinary performer." 

-- Major E.Y., Chief of Civil and Administrative Law, Judge Advocate, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), US Army combat veteran (2007)



"I worked with Ryan for two years.  Ryan's service record spoke for itself.  Our work together confirmed what I already believed.  He continually impressed me with his painstaking attention to detail, his unwavering devotion to his clients, and his ability to maintain his composure in the most chaotic of circumstances.  Perhaps most impressive was his ability to view any legal matter as a chess match - conceptualizing what can, would, or will occur ten steps away.  I look back on our work together as some of the proudest moments of my legal career, as they culminated with some of the best results I have achieved.  Ryan has captivated me with his dedication to his clients and his patriotism and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."

-- Captain B.H., Trial Defense Services, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2013)



"Captain Sweet's performance as a Trial Attorney has been excellent." 

-- Major F.K., Senior Trial Counsel, Judge Advocate, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), US Army combat veteran (2009)



"Ryan is a sharp, driven, action oriented Soldier and attorney. He is an excellent asset on any team, be it legal or otherwise. I recommend Ryan and his work without reservation."

-- Mr. L.W., US Army veteran and former colleague (2012)



"Exceptional performance by a superb Judge Advocate.  Ryan is gifted, hard working, and dedicated."

-- Colonel P.C. Staff Judge Advocate, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), US Army combat veteran (2009)



"Captain Sweet's performance as the Battalion Judge Advocate has been outstanding." 

-- Major D.H., Battalion Executive Officer, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), US Army combat veteran (2011)



"Ryan proved himself to be an intelligent and aggressive leader, and was constantly seeking out challenges. He was a great asset as a member of our team, but maintained tremendous personal initiative in the accomplishment of individual assignments as well. Ryan acquired substantial legal experience in the Army, and everyone in the command could count on him to provide advice and opinions that were relevant, useful, succinct, and practical."

-- Major W.L., 3BCT/101st Airborne Division, US Army combat veteran  (2012)



"I worked with Ryan at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, 101st Airborne Division. During that time, he earned my trust and impressed me with his professionalism. He's not afraid to stand up and advocate for the rights of others, and embodies the Army Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage."

-- Mr. B.D.,  Attorney and former US Army Judge Advocate Captain, 101st Airborne Division, combat veteran (2012)



“Captain Sweet has repeatedly grabbed the tiger by the tail and won.  He was assigned additional duties, including a very complex set of circumstances involving several adverse privileging actions at BACH, Ft. Campbell.  He was always well prepared, rapidly grasped the subject matter, and assisted in developing a Hearing Officer script.  This script will ultimately be adopted by MTF MEDCOM-wide.  His quick grasp of complex subject matter, preparation, attention to detail, determination and skills culminated in excellent lawyering, which significantly benefited the client.”

-- Mrs. R.G., Registered Nurse, Lawyer, LLM, Attorney Advisor to US Army AMEDD (2007)



"Ryan is a skillful advocate who relishes a challenge and doesn't settle for mediocre results. His clients are truly fortunate to have Ryan on their side....Mr. Sweet is a highly competent and intelligent lawyer and passionate advocate for his clients. Mr. Sweet has significant experience in the area of military criminal practice and trial advocacy. I would refer clients to him without reservation, knowing they will be in good hands. I would recommend Ryan for his litigation skills, intelligence, and tenacity."

-- Captain A.S., Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2013)



"Captain Sweet performed superbly during this deployment.  Coming into a difficult situation, he did not miss a beat." 

-- Major W.N., Brigade Judge Advocate, 3BCT/101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), US Army combat veteran (2009)



"Ryan's belief in me as a person, and his empathetic and humanistic approach as well as his perseverance and dedication to the case resulted in a more-than-favorable outcome in my case.... his representation was superb." 

-- US Army veteran (2014)



"I've known Ryan since 1995, personally and professionally.  Ryan helped me with various litigation matters in the past and helped me achieve great results.  Ryan's combination of high energy, attentiveness, and strong legal knowledge clearly helps him beat the competition.  I'll always be grateful for his legal assistance."

-- Mr. D.S., Private Practice Attorney (2014)



"I found myself being wrongly forced into military separation with my discharge characterization in jeopardy and was fortunate that Ryan was given my case. Ryan sought out every angle, possibility, direction, and deal he could muster. By the time the board was held, Ryan has actually convinced the Recorder (prosecutor) to agree with our case!  How many attorneys do you know who can actually convince the other team to capitulate without a fight?  He made the prosecution's case seem so weak in comparison that during the board, the prosecutor essentially moved to dismiss. Don't settle for someone who is passive, complacent, and wimpy... hire Ryan, because you want a Bulldog in the fight. Your life story is that important."

-- Captain R.P., US Army combat veteran (2014)



"I endorse this lawyer. Ryan and I were Judge Advocate military attorneys, specifically Defense attorneys, at the same time. He had a very good reputation for securing great results for his clients, including acquittals. Ryan has also served multiple deployments to combat, which speaks to his toughness and commitment as a Soldier, lawyer, and person. I highly recommend him!"

-- Captain D.H., Trial Defense Attorney, US Army combat veteran (2014)



“Captain Sweet’s counsel and service to this Hospital Command was extremely valuable and I will be using his legal work product in my presentation to other Medical Providers.”

-- Colonel R.W., Medical Command, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (2007)




"I endorse Ryan Sweet. I served with Ryan in the military for several years. His tenacity and legal skills far outpaced his peers. I had the opportunity to discuss case law and strategy on multiple occasions and can honestly say that Ryan is on top of his game. Nothing but positive things to say about Ryan."

-- Captain S.A., Trial Defense Attorney, US Army combat veteran (2014)



“Captain Sweet’s legal counsel to the hospital leadership was a tremendous asset and I truly appreciated his efforts and dedication to his profession.”

-- Major C.J., Chief of Soldier Health Services, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (2007)



"We won due to Mr. Sweet's hard-work and dedication.  Ryan was very detailed oriented and well-spoken. I had some trouble in the military in 2011 and I was blessed enough for Ryan to take my case. The charges were bogus and the end result was that we won.  I think people would be fool to overlook Mr. Sweet."

-- US Army veteran (2014)



"After having the pleasure of working and training alongside Ryan I can offer my strongest endorsement. Ryan is a fiercely devoted defense attorney that brings an unparalleled passion and tested grit to his representation. Anyone suspected or accused of crime that is represented by Ryan should relish in the fact that they truly found one of America's finest." 

-- Major J.C., Senior Defense Counsel, Judge Advocate, US Army combat veteran (2014)



"I emphatically endorse Ryan without any reservation. He is among the small group of attorneys I hold in the highest regard. Well known for his tenacity, courtroom presence, and intelligence, Ryan will serve any client well."

-- Captain D.M.B., US Army Judge Advocate and former Defense Counsel colleague (2014)



"I strongly endorse Ryan Sweet. I have known Ryan for eight years, having first met him while attending the Judge Advocate course. Ryan has a great depth of understanding and experience in military law and has distinguished himself as an exceptional attorney. He is very hard working and has a reputation as an extremely zealous advocate for his clients."

-- Mr. R.W., former US Army Judge Advocate Captain (2014)





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